All Through The Night A Cappella Lullabies - Send it as a gift!  Makes a great baby shower present!

All Through The Night
A Cappella Lullabies

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Banish Blues

“If you’re going to record the likes of  'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'  or  'Rock-a-Bye Baby'  you’d better have something new to offer, and arranger Donn Ehrlich doesn’t disappoint. 

He and fellow studio singers Rick Kasper, Jim Mercado and Tim Krol offer up unique and compelling a cappella versions of sleepy-time standards. These four smoothies run the gamut from jazz to classical stylings with ease. 

Rick Kasper's original number,  'Sleep My Baby'  perfectly matches the dreamy mood of the classics. 

Ultimately, All Through the Night proves that when it comes to lullabies, you can breathe new life into an old idea.”

Tom Armbruster
la parent

Back by popular demand and fully re-mastered, All Through The Night A Cappella Lullabies has a twenty-year track record of helping babies get to sleep!  These smooth, jazzy lullabies are now available as a gift-quality CD or MP3 download through our official distributor, CD BABY.

Judith Sultan, a nurse practitioner at Kaiser Permanente Premature Infant Unit in Los Angeles, was able to monitor significant reductions in infant stress levels whenever All Through The Night was played.  The recording "is effective because of the low, soothing tones of the male voices.  In my work with high-risk infants and toddlers, the male voices are particularly important in balancing their environment.”

The group continues to receive feedback that "it really works!" from families all over the world.  Far outlasting baby clothes and stuffed animals, this "Perfect Baby Gift" will transport you and your family to a tranquil place for years to come!

"Lovely Lullabies for Babies - and Their Parents - What a great idea, and so beautifully executed. These soothing melodies are perfect for relaxing a baby or toddler, but the harmonies are so crisp and lush that you'll find yourself listening just for your own enjoyment. As a singer, I have special appreciation for the talent that went into this, but my husband, a non-musician, even commented on how good it sounds. And **Christmas gift alert** - what a wonderful, unique gift for a new or soon-to-be parent." Kathi Bianco

"Marc Chagall for My Ears - The only other time I have felt lulled into such a state of whimsy and happiness was when I walked through a Marc Chagall exhibit. But my girlfriend disagrees. She feels like the music is more impressionistic, beautiful, like a Monet, making her feel transformed - 'like I am on vacation'." Damian